Linux geekiness taken professionally

About me

Who I am

Hi, my name is Karol Szafrański [IPA: ʃafraȵski].

I'm an IT professional and a Linux and FLOSS enthusiast, currently living in Warsaw, Poland. This page is meant to present my profile and contact data as well as let me share some thoughts, notes and a few code snippets that I hope someone may find useful.

What I've been doing

My professional experience began in 2007 and consists of administrering and supporting applications, systems and networks for banking and financial sector. I have worked for local Polish banks as well as global ones, an international futures trading company and a UK-based investment funds (ETF) provider, either directly, as a consultant or software vendor employee.

Currently I am working as a systems administrator and infrastrucure engineer for a Polish public cloud provider.

What I've worked with

Being a Debian user personally, I am also experienced in Ubuntu, RedHat/CentOS, Gentoo and OpenWRT.

I have an experience and knowledge in the following areas (the order does not exactly map to my proficiency level):

I am familiar with distributed, highly-available, multi-site environments. I also worked with software development teams that followed agile/SCRUM practices. I also have a strong focus on security with any IT area where I am involved.

What I'm certified in

Apart from holding a degree in Computer Science from University of Łódź, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, I've also earned the following certifications:

What I can say

I speak and write Polish and English fluently. I am used to sharing my knowledge (I've run trainings on Linux for my coworkers) as well as being an intermediary between technical teams and business, communicating clearly and precisely on both ends (though I position myself in tech camp, definitely).

Anything else?

Apart from IT, my interests include various sorts of music and digital audio processing, documentary books and movies - especially those related to the history of 20th century. And not many things relax me better than an hour or two spent on swimming.

I was wondering about putting here a geek code block to, you know, look even more geeky and nerdy and stuff but it seems I am too young (or the code has got too old since 1996, maybe?) and describing myself using it would just not give relevant and correct output. Meanwhile, I find this one fitting me in some ways (but don't treat this literally).

Would you like to see my formal CV or hire me? Ask a question? Saw a bug on the page? Feel free to contact me!