Linux geekiness taken professionally


2013-11-03 by Karol Szafrański

Hi, this is the first post on karolszafranski.info.

My personal page is going to serve as a place to share stuff that I hope may be useful to general public but till now it either has been sitting somewhere in my head or gathering digital dust on my disk. Most of it will relate to Linux, security and privacy. Of course it will also provide you with the ways to contact me.

For now I decided to stick to static pages generated with Blazeblogger. While I am aware of the fantastic oportunities given by full-blown CMSes (and I also gave a local installation of WordPress a try for a while), I think a reasonable tool for managing static content will serve me well enough. We'll see. Next one in the queue for review is Chronicle. A proper (not self-signed) HTTPS certificate is also on my to-do list.